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Where to Find the Best Wooden Toys for Babies

There’s something lovely about a wooden toy isn’t there? The durability, colours and lack of flashing lights appeal to me. So whilst River has a Jumperoo relegated to the hallway and a handful of noisy plastic toys, I prefer her toy basket to have things in it that will last, especially as she has a penchant for chewing everything.

The best shops I’ve found for wooden toys are are TK Maxx (tbf best shop on earth), Ikea and believe it or not, Asda who do a great train set. Online faves include Babi Pur, Love to be Natural and Myriad where you can find some gorgeous ethical toys.

Here are our five current faves:

1. Grimms Rainbow

Best toy I’ve ever seen. Beautifully made, its concept is simple – a rainbow made out of curved pieces of wood. What you can do with it depends only on your imagination, I’ve seen marble runs, dolls houses and all sorts of sculptures. Granted, River at 9 months old is pretty much just into throwing each piece around but her older cousins (2 and 4) absolutely love it. Paul and I are loving it too!

Ours is the pastel version of the 10 piece rainbow and bought from Babi Pur.

2. Train by Orange Tree Toys

River’s grandparents bought her this beauty for Christmas. It’s a beautiful toy and is proudly displayed on our sideboard when not in use. River loves shuffling along with it and attempting to eat the animal heads. Again, it’s a good one because it can be reconfigured in loads of ways.
Train at Little Nut Tree Toys

3.Shape Sorter

The old ones are the best and a basic shape sorter is a great learning toy. I like Ikea’s house sorter but ours has an ingenious elastic bit to get the shapes out. Lovely patterns on each shape, and they’re numbered too for extra baby boffin points.

Bit of a find at M&S (cushions also M&S and can’t honestly say this is coincidental)

4. Name Block Puzzle

I’m a sucker for personalisation and this beauty didn’t disappoint when it arrived in its own felt pouch for safe storage. Choose your font, colours and add little illustrations if you like to form your own design. The blocks feel expensive and make a satisfying clinking noise when your baby once again, tries to eat them.

Personalised name block puzzle from TinyMe

We also have an alphabet block puzzle from ELC which is gorgeous too and many more letters for your buck!
Early Learning Centre Alphabet Puzzle 


River is very into my guitar at the moment as I play her a song before bed (sounds very Little House on the Prairie but is really just a way to kill time) so a little instrument of her own was a lovely gift.

This small Xylophone from Hape toys is fab, each block bounces a bit and it isn’t too heavy for when it gets pulled out of the toy box and inevitably flung around the room. Modelled by my very old bear, Ted.

Xylophone from Cottage Toys

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