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Stripping Plaster: The Tools You’ll Need

Stripping plaster from the walls is perhaps one of the most time consuming and messy jobs ever, but it will save you a fortune on builders fees if you do it yourself. Below are a selection of the tools you’ll need for the job, most you may already have, others you will use over and over again for many different jobs. (more…)

Hiring a Skip

At some point during any decent sized DIY or renovation job it becomes a bit unrealistic trying to take stuff down to the local tip in the back of the car. This is the point when you need to hire a skip.


Hiring a Skip

Renovation High Five – our first skip delivery.


Bosch PBH 2000 RE SDS Rotary Hammer Drill + Chisel Bits Review

What I used

Bosch SDS Hammer Drill

Heather with the Bosch SDS Hammer Drill getting it on! (but v.importantly dust and eye protection)

  • SDS Hammer Drill (£79)
  • 2 x SDS Chisel Bits (swapped over regularly, £17 each)
  • Proper Dust Protection Mask & Proper Sealed Eye Protection (this is single messiest job I’ve ever done short of swimming in sewage, £30 & my ski mask!). Please trust me, don’t skimp on these – they are essential.
  • Old clothes (and boy, did they get destroyed)
  • Time and effort (9 days in total, 63 hours)
  • Money Spent – £143
  • Est Money Saved – £3,500 to £4,000 (more…)