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Avoiding the boring jobs

With the wedding done and dusted, Paul is now getting jabbed in the ribs and death-stared every time he sits down to have a break. I’m constantly reminding him of Paul-jobs that need doing around the house, the skirting board being the top priority.

Problem is, we’ve accumulated so much rubbish – building supplies, wedding paraphenelia and endless cardboard boxes, that the skirting board I keep nagging about is totally inaccessible. Or it was, until Paul made 11 trips to the tip last Saturday.

So now, he’s free as a bird to plough through the skirting board fitting and I can happily use the blog as another passive-aggressive way to make more of a point of it.

Seriously though, it’s a really bloody boring job and I can completely understand why he’s reluctant to do it.

In the meantime, I’m ignoring all of Paul’s wisdom to get the boring jobs that I’m avoiding doing done – waxing all the doors, painting architrave, weeding (what is my life?), sorting out the ruined tiles in the living room (sob), touching up concrete, getting a half-decent electrician in to sort out all the electrical issues, man, I could go on. So in ignoring all of that I’m viciously upcycling.

I say viciously because I’m like a woman possessed with a can of spray paint and terrifying determination, pacing the house looking for things that I can “transform”.

So this week I’ve sprayed some rusty metal pigeonholes we picked up on eBay local in black. They will be hung by our front door to prevent the scatty accumulation of letters across the whole house and to move them to the facade of organisation.



Whilst I was doing that, I spotted a dusty mirror in the garage that was in the house when we bought it, which also felt the wrath of my trigger-happy-spray-painting-finger.

With the itch to spray more, I started to raid through some of the storage boxes still at my parents’ house (sorry parents!) to find things to spray. I came across a dark brown framed print of the Leeds Grand Theatre’s first ever bill poster. Dark brown frames are just not right for our house, so it was happily sprayed baby pink and hung up in the hallway.



Finally, as Paul was sorting out the garage, he told me he was going to chuck away three enormous mirrors. I bought these mirrors on eBay about a year ago, they were a 3-mirror screen, attached together with hinges down the side and I thought they’d be perfect for the dressmaking studio.

As it turns out, my poor attention to detail got the better of me once more, and I neglected to measure their height in comparison to our low-ceiling home. When we got them to the house after picking them up in Manchester, we discovered that we couldn’t actually get them upstairs, they’re so huge.

So they were dumped in the garage where they’ve remained for a year.

Unwilling as I am to throw anything away (I kept well away from Paul as he made his 11 tip trips for fear of a nervous breakdown), I insisted that we brought them in to be revitalised and used downstairs.

So far I’ve done one of the three which now hangs proudly in our hallway after we roped in Michael and Dave to help us hang it. It’s painted using Annie Sloan’s French Grey – left over from the downstairs loo cupboard I did last year. The good thing about Chalk Paint is that it suits lazy painters like me that can’t be bothered to sand and prime, or have a project too large to spray paint without accidentally spraying an external wall neon pink (managed to do that this week too, hey ho.)


When I ran out of things to spray, I dip-dyed a 6ftx6ft piece of fabric, more on that another time!

2 Comments on Avoiding the boring jobs

  1. Paul
    August 18, 2015 at 11:01 am (3 years ago)

    Sooooooo sick of skirting board. I need to clear the garage again now just to get at it! Its like the never ending job ;o)

  2. Jennifer Cooper
    October 6, 2015 at 9:46 pm (3 years ago)

    I know what you mean about boring jobs, we are madly trying to finish our house off as we are emigrating to NZ (hoping to leave mid November) and I’ve glossed every door, skirting board, dado rail and picture rail in the house, painted every wall and primed/painted the kitchen cupboard doors – it feels as though its never ending sometimes! We are nearly there though. I love your big mirror – it looks great. My O/H has banned me from buying mirrors as we had accumulated quite a few!


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