Our house renovation dream

The One Before The One

Settling. Never a good shout, but sometimes it seems necessary, you feel like you have to compromise to crack on with things. But there’s a huge difference between settling for rough edges: an inability to multitask/a fear of washing-up and fundamental flaws: an inability to be nice to anyone/a propensity to cheat. (more…)

Um, what the hell do we do now?

After what feels like a century (but more like a year), we’ve just got the keys to our house. It’s lovely. Except it’s uninhabitable.


We knew this at the outset of course, it was in our criteria to find a total mess of a house to make into a magical home. We’ve spent months looking at avocado bathrooms, functioning outhouses and slurry pits – aka a pig bathroom (during the moment of temporary madness when we almost exchanged on a dilapidated pig sty, or “The Barn” *wistfully looks to the past*), and honestly, the bathrooms were largely the most in-tact features of the properties we looked at. (more…)